bad tillamook district attorney
These are the names of the people
that you will be dealing with.

William Porter District Attorney
Aaron Girata District Attorney
Christine Arthur District Attorney
Jeremy Dietrich District Attorney
Kim Larson District Attorney
Marisa Emerson District Attorney
Paul Binford District Attorney
Raymond Bassel District Attorney
The Tillamook County District Attorney's Office is located at 201 Laurel Ave, Tillamook, OR 97141. William Porter is the lead attorney followed by Aaron Girata, Paul Binford and a few others. Anyone that spends some time in a Tillamook courtroom will be witness to a District Attorney's office that will almost never turn down a case. Basically, they take everything while not caring if they have a case, or if they even win. Most DA's worry about their win record but not these guys. They must justify a high budget for a County this size.  - Tillamook County Budget - Click Here

Be warned: Their game is to starve you out. After thousands of dollars spent in your defense and continuance after continuance because they are backed up for months, you will take the deal they offer you and that is what they bank on.

The website is under construction as of November, 2015. We will be adding resources for people in this position, people to contact and a place for you to submit your experience with this Bad Tillamook County DA.
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happening here on a daily basis.

  • Hire a lawyer from Portland and never Tillamook. - Important
  • Do not answer questions on your own, call a lawyer ! - Important
  • At time of booking, they record you. If you want that recording, they say it is on a 3 day loop. You better move fast.
  • This DA does not follow through with witnesses so make sure your lawyer is finding this out along the way.
  • If the witness against you does not show up, do not think for one second that this DA will drop the case.
  • The police do not have to read you your rights or have their charges and evidence in order. Do not think that any of this is a free pass. It is not.
  • Speedy trial means nothing in Tillamook County, your court proceedings can go on for two years !
  • In a scenario where the only evidence against you is someone's word against yours and the other person is a addict with a long record, do not think you are home free. It's not even a defense.
  • Expect the unexpected. When your lawyer looks you dead in the eyes and states that the case is about to be dropped - Do not believe it !
  • If you think that the judge will see you getting railroaded by this DA and will put a stop to it, think again. That won't happen.
  • When the witness against you decides not to show up because they exaggerated or lied to the police, this DA will not drop the case, instead, they will threaten them and admit in open court that they will send the sherrif to their house to compel them to testify. Do not think it is over because their witness is unwilling to cooperate with them ! This will put you in a catch 22 because this person must continue the lies or they face trouble.
Tillamook County, Oregon
No Justice For All